Stress-Less Home Inspectors Offer a Repair Estimate Report.

The Repair Estimate Report from Porch brings a new level of transparency to the home inspection process, through detailed cost estimates that are

backed by The Porch Promise. 

The Repair Estimate Report (RER) uses the details from your inspection to create cost estimates that agents and clients can use during their negotiation process. 

  • After We have completed your inspection, agents or buyers purchase the RER through Stress-Less Home Inspectors. 
  • From there, Porch will deliver an itemized list of estimates based on your inspection report, for the buyer and agent to review. 
  • Agents can then generate a repair request addendum with the estimates, saving hours of work. 

By providing you or your agent with a Repair Estimate Report, Stress-Less Home Inspectors will be making the post-inspection portion of the buying process that much simpler by educating  you with an estimate of repair costs for items found in during your inspection.

When will the Repair Estimate Report be received?
RER's take 48 hours to generate and send to the agent (or client) .
You can order a rush from us directly, at a $30.00 additional cost.